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Security Designed Just For Business

Our interactive security system is designed specifically for businesses of all sizes. Oviss Alarm was built with innovative features to simplify security for business owners. You can even manage multiple locations using one just one login. To learn about all of our intuitive features continue reading below.

Lifetime Warranty and Support

Yes, you read that correctly. We include a LIFETIME warranty with all of our alarm packages for free. If anything goes wrong with our equipment or software we will fix or replace it, no charge to you. 24/7 domestic support is also included with all of our equipment. If  you ever need assistance with your system give us a call, no hoops to jump through and no robots to talk to.

24/7/365 Professional Monitoring

All of our alarm systems are equipped with professional monitoring from live agents. Our central station is a nationally accredited 5 Star Diamond rated monitoring center. We also use a redundant monitoring center so if one station has a catastrophic event or malfunction your safety is not compromised.

Dedicated Cellular Communication

You ever watch a movie where the burglars cut the phone line before they break-in? Sadly it really is that easy to beat a traditional alarm system. That’s why we only use cellular communication for our smart security systems. They transmit alarm signals over Verizon and ATT towers so they cannot be interfered with.

Interactive Website and Mobile App

With the website and mobile app you can keep an eye on your business from anywhere in the world.

Remote User Management

You can add and remove user codes directly from the easy-to-use website to make hiring and firing employees less stressful.

Auto-Arm at Closing

Our system can automatically arm at closing. No more depending on employees to keep your business secure.

Automated Locks and Thermostats

Control locks and thermostats directly from your phone. Additional equipment purchase required.

Enterprise Management

Manage multiple locations from one simple dashboard with enterprise management.

Two Way Voice Communication

Two way voice communication allows our monitoring center to speak directly through the alarm keypad before calling you. This makes dealing with false alarms quick and painless; simply state your password to the representative to cancel dispatch. During an actual break-in they can tell the burglars that police have been dispatched and are on the way.

Crash and Smash Protection

Our alarm system comes equipped with’s patented Crash and Smash Protection. This groundbreaking safeguard is another layer of security for your business. With Crash and Smash Protection if a burglar destroys your alarm panel as soon as they break in the alarm signal will still be transmitted.

Hourly Panel Supervision

Another way we ensure no one is tampering with our system is by sending hourly supervision signals to the monitoring center. These signals ensure the panel is in good working condition. Most traditional alarm panels are only supervised once per week, and some aren’t supervised at all.

Instant Alarm Notification

You will receive a text notification as soon as the alarm triggers before the monitoring station calls.

Open/Close Alerts

With open/close alerts you can make sure your employees are arriving and leaving on schedule.

Sensor Activity Alerts

Set up sensor alerts to know when doors open such as a safe or back office with restricted access.

Unexpected Open Alerts

Unexpected opening alerts let you know if anyone accesses your business after hours when no one is supposed to be there.

Business Security- $49.99/month

Our Oviss Interactive Business Package Includes:

  • Oviss Touchscreen Alarm Panel
  • Cellular Communicator with Hourly Supervision
  • Two-Way Voice for Alarm Signals
  • Interactive Website and Mobile App
  • Remote Arming and Disarming
  • Remote User Code Management
  • Real-time Open/Close Alerts
  • Auto-Arm at Closing
  • Multi-Location Management
  • Searchable Event History
  • Sensor Activity Log
  • Lifetime Warranty and Support

Are you ready to secure your business?

With Oviss Alarm, you can rest assured your business is secure day and night. Join the thousands of businesses who trust Oviss Labs.

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