Here at OVISS we are extremely passionate about providing a solution to our clients and going the extra mile to manage that solution. Our passion for providing and managing our systems on your behalf is what drives OVISS forward. OVISS professionally managed systems, allow our team to be part of your team without being on your payroll. We worry about making sure your systems are up and running 24/7, so you can focus on growing your business.


We love to educate our clients and help them make knowledgeable decisions. Sharing our years of experience and expertise allows us to design the perfect solution to fit your business. We won’t sell you things you don’t need. OVISS believes in providing a solution for our customers, by making them knowledgeable about our products & services, and educating them on the problems they solve.


Our customer service is the number one reason over half of our new clients each month come to us by referrals from existing clients. Why? Because they simply see the difference that OVISS makes for their business. Our clients realize the importance and advantage of having a professional company provide and manage a long term solution. This is why we say OVISS has been trusted by thousands of businesses since 2004.



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When it comes to installing a security camera system, expert advice from a professional always goes a long way. Here at OVISS Surveillance we love to educate our clients to help them make a knowledgeable decision. After thousands of successful installations, we are proud call ourselves experts in the industry.


We use a tamper‐resistant cellular connection, dedicated to your alarm system, and works even if your phone line, cable, broadband and power are down. Professionally Monitored Security keeps your property safe with 24/7 professional monitoring and emergency response. Arm and disarm your system from anywhere, check your system’s status and view recent activity using OVISS Labs powerful smart security app.


Offering a Quad Core 2.0 Ghz processor, OVISS Labs POS Systems offers superior speed and reliability, ensuring increased productivity and customer satisfaction. The simple, easy-to-use standalone device means there is no special training needed to operate. New employees can easily get on-board to keep pace with company growth. Our systems are customizable for your needs and budget because we understand that it’s important to be able to customize your chosen all-in-one POS with peripherals that suit both your business and your budget. We guarantee long lifespan that won’t break your budget.


Does your WiFi pay you? We live on the cloud so we think outside the box. We know providing FREE WiFi to your guests is necessary to compete for business. That’s why we have tiered bandwidth control. Meaning if you want to charge your guests for faster internet speeds, now you can! So feel free to offer Free WiFi along with Paid Premium WiFi. OVISS WiFi is smart and social. The simplest, easiest & best WiFi solution.


Digital signs are designed to connect businesses to their customers more effectively without significant overhead or complexity. We also recognizes that all businesses don’t have the same communication needs. Oviss Labs creates custom tailored design solutions to suite your individual business needs and keep your customers in tune with your business. This approach gives our customers an ongoing competitive advantage and a great return on investment.

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